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One-to-One Days

One-to-One days are ideal for those wanting in-depth tuition with some amazing wildlife subjects or for more advanced photographers looking for a guide to provide the best photographic opportunities. A typical day would normally run from first light until mid-afternoon, depending on the time of year, and includes a packed lunch in order to fit in as much photography as possible. Fieldcraft, composition and use of available light are key techniques I teach but the day can be varied to incorporate image processing and basic photography technique if requested. Price £250 including lunch (one person only).

Choose from the following One-to-One days (or contact me for a tailor-made package to your requirements) which can be booked on a date to best suit your schedule (please contact us before booking to arrange a date). Booking via the online form and payment can be made using the links below.

Please note that due to upcoming projects I will have no availability for one-to-one bookings from the end of April 2018 until further notice.

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Choice of Days


A great days photography all-year-round with two of the Dales iconic resident species. We will start the day at sunrise, capturing silhouettes of Red Grouse against the morning sky. As the light increases we will obtain portraits of both Cock and Hen birds as they reaffirm their territories and call to each other. We will practice flight shots with one of the fastest flying birds in the UK before heading to my private Red Squirrel feeding station to spend the rest of the day working on these amazing mammals both from within a hide and also (if conditions allow) outside, and up close and personal with the very bold Squirrels. Static portraits and action shots will all be possible as the Squirrels feed very close to the hide. The woodland also contains a large variety of other birds and mammals so you never know what you might see.  I can also run a Red Squirrel One-to-One day (£200) which is slightly shorter (no Grouse).


Spend a day exploring the fast flowing streams, rivers and waterfalls of the Upper Dales to find and photograph the Dipper. The Yorkshire Dales is one of the best places in the UK to find these birds and they make a great photographic subject as they search for food amongst the flowing water (often disappearing beneath the surface for several seconds). There will be opportunities for portraits and context shots as many of the Dippers frequent some of the Dales most picturesque waterfalls. Depending on the time of year, we will be able to capture images of adults collecting food for young and perhaps even the young birds themselves as they take their first steps towards independence. Thre is plenty of opportunity for creative images too and we will experiment with slow shutter speeds and even remote camera work if possible.


Bempton Cliffs in East Yorkshire are home to Britain's only mainland Gannet Colony. The birds are present all year round but the cliffs really come alive in the Spring and early Summer as the Gannets are joined by thousands of Puffins, Razorbills, Guillemots, Kittiwake and Fulmar for the breeding season. Bempton is a great place to refine your flight shots and I can help you set up your camera and refine your technique to ensure you get correctly exposed, sharp and well composed flight images. There is also scope for portrait work and landscapes and we will cover as many different compositions and techniques as we can during the day to ensure you leave with a varied portfolio of images.


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